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Our service area includes:

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Criminal and DUI Attorney in Highland, IN

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Having a highly experienced and well-prepared lawyer is a key aspect to winning any case and the attorneys at the Law Offices of Timothy J Ormes will work hard to exceed all your expectations. We respect the law and take each case seriously, no matter what kind of lawsuit we are dealing with. We understand that constant and open communication between you and your lawyer is important to ensure that your case continues to move forward.

We cover a range of practice areas, which include but are not limited to

                Criminal Law

                State and Federal Law
                All Felonies/Misdemeanor
                Drug and Weapons Charges
                Murder and Other Violent Charges
                Computer/Internet Charges
                Juvenile Cases
                Theft and Burglary

                DUI and Traffic Law

                DUI, OWI and Traffic Offenses
                Driving While Suspended
                License Cleanup
                CDL Protection

                Personal Injury Law
                Auto Accidents
                Semi and Truck Crashes
                Railroad ( FELA ) Accidents
                Workers Comp

                When it comes to any legal case, good attorneys can be hard to find. When your future depends on the knowledge and litigation skills of your lawyer, it is essential that you hire the best. Look no further! Trust our team at the Law Offices of Timothy J Ormes to fight for you!

                If you live in Northwest Indiana or the Chicagoland area and would like more information about the legal services we offer or to make an appointment for a free consultation, please contact us today.